Student's Work Outside of Class 生徒さんの報告

Student's Work Outside of Class 生徒さんの報告

As an instructor, I always strive to impact students’ lives in a positive way.  I carefully plan each lessons, but I am also very conscious about the long term goals and I always hope I deliver it correctly.  So I am delighted to receive a feedback from students and parents. This one is from the mother of D in my class.

In class, I sometimes quiz students on maps. Japanese and American world maps has different perspectives and many (including adults) get surprised to see it. My student D remembered it learning in class and draw a globe at home. Which world view do you think this is?


In kids Japanese class, we are working on Katakana. Lines are more angular and straight compared to Hiragana, and it’s easier to write for kids. At home, D searched and found the name of our Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi.  He wrote it perfectly! Well done!


After the drawing and writing, his mom told me that he picked up a pointer and started to quiz her saying “where is Japan? Where is California?” pretending to be me! How sweet is he??

D is a homeschooled 5 year old and incorporates Japanese language in his school work. He loves Pokemon and Japanese foods. He is one of the most enthusiastic students with lots of passion to speak and write in Japanese.  His parents are also students of nin-jitsu at dojō and they tell me they hope to visit Japan together someday. 

Actually, this family is the reason I re-started teaching Japanese. She must have not known that I used to teach, but she is the one who requested the owner of the dojō to have me teach Japanese to children. In addition to preschool children, right now we have elementary and middle school students learning together. And things took unexpected turn and now I have very passionate adult students to teach.

I am very grateful for the opportunity this family has given to me and allowed me to pursue what I love to do. I will keep striving for the best to make the class fun and entertaining to learn effectively! 


私のクラスでは時々世界地図や日本地図を見ながら クイズを出します。アメリカと日本の世界地図は中心の視点が異なるので微妙に違います。だから大人も含めみんな一瞬え?ってなるんです。それを思い出して、D君はお家で地球儀を描いてくれたそう。さて、これはどちらの国の視点で描かれているでしょう?








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