My First stripe 一本目のストライプ

My First stripe 一本目のストライプ

It was 3 years ago I started training Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.  Here is what I wrote earlier in my blog:

-The Reason I Continue to Learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu -My First Impression of Jiu-Jitsu


In Gracie Combatives® beginner program, a student is awarded a stripe every 20 classes to celebrate the progress. This ritual goes across kids’ Bully Proof® and Women Empowerment®, to recognize our effort and support each other (though WE is every 10 classes).

My 20th class took place in March 2017,  6 month after I started. It was rather a slow pace with once a week attendance.  I remember everything was mind blowing ideas that I have never heard before. Wanting to hear more about the principal of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu was what driving me still today.

 My goal was to attend the class. Just show up and do my best. For me, it was not my priority during this time to be able to do or understand the moves perfectly.  It was important to me to be there.

But there was one big hurdle I had to overcome to do jiu-jitsu other than being a total newbie―to be barefoot on the mat.

After I had my daughter, I suffered terrible rashes on my hands. They were always full of oozing wounds, cuts on every fingers and swollen to the point I couldn’t make a fist. Many days I helplessly looked down at my rough as elephant hands. (I was under doctor’s care but he ran out of options other than giving me steroid shots).  It’s gotten better after I moved to California, but I still have cuts and I prefer to cover myself as much as I can to protect my skin.


One day, my hands were very sensitive so I attended the class with white gloves in addition to a white gi and black socks. Probably it was the first time a student showed up wearing gloves to a jiu-jitsu class, my instructor commented I must have liked Michael Jackson. (Yes, I love Michael Jackson). 

“It’s probably easier to do this move without socks,” my instructor would say time to time when I asked him why I was having a hard time. But as shown in the pictures of me receiving the first stripe, I stubbornly still wore the socks.


It was those first 20 classes that I attended with not much expectations and pushing myself to the uncomfortable zone. to show up while facing my fear of being barefoot. But something always grabbed my heart and pulled me in to the Gracie way to continue my journey….








ある日手の調子が悪くて、道着姿に黒い靴下+白い手袋で出席したことも。流石に手袋をして柔術のクラスに出た生徒は初めてだったのでしょう。先生は「マイケルジャックソン好きなの?」なんてジョークを言っていましたが(勿論好きですよ!) 「この動きは靴下を脱いだ方がやりやすいかも」と言われても、頑固に履き続けていた靴下。ストライプを頂いた時も靴下姿の証拠あり。それくらい靴下を脱ぐということは私にとっては大きなハードルでした。


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