Do You Know What Being Confident Sounds Like?自信がある時ってどんな感じか分かりますか。

Do You Know What Being Confident Sounds Like?自信がある時ってどんな感じか分かりますか。

“Do you know what being confident sounds like?  How do we communicate with people with confidence?”

This was the question asked to the students by a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu instructor this week.


“Is it 

A: I AM CONFIDENT!! YEAH!! --with fists in the air, loud scream, breathing hard with chest going up and down.


B: I am confident--with nods and quiet voice and mind.

Which one sounds like being confident?”

It’s been about six months since I’ve started to help kids classes but I feel it’s actually me who is learning so much.

During the circle time while stretching, students discuss character development themes and the Grace’s rules of engagement, when and how they should use the techniques they know.  It's an open discussion in every class.

This sudden, loud voice of the instructor followed by gasps and laughter of the students will surely stick to them as they remember what “being confident” should sound like.  It doesn’t sound loud, bossy or pumped up.  It sounds calm and peaceful, but firm and assertive.  It was a brilliant demonstration of an abstract emotional state.


I feel that the students in Gracie’s Bulletproof program are very fortunate to be exposed to learn what it means to be a good citizen, along with recognizing physical and psychological dangers and knowing how to stand up for themselves with confidence.  

In every kid's class I attend, I envision a brighter and hopeful future when it’s their turn to lead the world.  Much gratitude to the instructors in my academy.














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