Trying Bottled Ink 墨汁に挑戦

Trying Bottled Ink 墨汁に挑戦


I hardly ever use pre-made ink bottles for my calligraphy.  I grind an ink bar each time instead because it was so hard to get quality ink bottles in Georgia.  I could have ordered through my calligraphy school in Japan.  But the shipping liquid is heavy and doesn’t make sense.  Besides, using cheaper bottles could harm a good quality brush or not letting the brush do its job well.

But now a days, we have amazon, and this is California.  We have access to Japanese stores.

So, I’ve decided to order through amazon and purchased this ink bottle made by a company called SUNNOTE from Japan.

I used my old brush to try.

The pleasant surprise was that SUNNOTE is located in Tondabayashi city, the neighboring city where I grew up and very close to the high school I graduated!  What a coincidence!!  I moved my brush in nostalgia.

A side note— a traveling mass drama actor I admire is from Tondabayashi city, too.  I secretly practiced a character of his name on the paper. Fun!  









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