Picture Book Reading 絵本の読み聞かせ

Picture Book Reading 絵本の読み聞かせ

My daughter only visited Japan for twice, each for two-weeks when she was 3 and 5, which was and 7 years ago.  She has never a part of Japanese schools, church, or organizations in the U.S.  The only “official” Japanese study she had was a correspondence distance learning program from 3 years until the first semester of 4th grade, which most of her text books in elementary school years were kept blank.  And I am pretty much the only person she talks Japanese with.

My wish for her Japanese language level is to reach at least the middle school level.  Although knowing that is 100% my ego and my expectation not necessarily hers, I burst out pushing her saying “you promised me you would study Japanese with me, but you don’t at all!  Do you know how much it means to me for you to read and write in Japanese?”

The regret comes instantly.  My heart gets heavy.  I’ve collected many Japanese books at garage sales from going way families here for business, and at annual book fairs of Japanese Saturday school.  I’ve at least let go of 300 Japanese books I’ve collected over the years from my big move from East Coast to the West.  This alone tells how big is my ego, my expectations, and hope on this issue.

I exploded to her once again about a week ago.  She talked back to me saying, “I CAN read!”

“Oh really? Show me you do it.”

Tonight by her bed, I found a picture book she used to love and I read many many times when she was little.  She told me she brought it up herself from a bookshelf.

“I really like this pictures. So cute.”  She looked so happy.  She started to read, stumbling at times, but very well.  “I told you I can read.”

“Yes, you can.  Please read a few pages again tomorrow for me.”

We never know triggers child’s enthusiasm and curiosity.  I would like to continue witnessing “I can do this. I’ve got this” experiences with her.











What I noticed in CA when I do Japanese Calligraphy. CAで書をする時感じること。

What I noticed in CA when I do Japanese Calligraphy. CAで書をする時感じること。

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