Girl's Day Celebration in Nature 自然の中でお雛様

Girl's Day Celebration in Nature 自然の中でお雛様

March 3rd is Girl’s Day celebration.  We decorate our special dolls praying for the girl’s health and happiness.  My grandmother purchased this 7 tier set for me when I was born.  Since then the dolls have been decorated every year around March 3rd.  As I found these pictures taken over the years, I feel the love of my parents passing through time.  My father shipped the top portion before he moved to a smaller place years ago.  My daughter's message to her grandfather in Japan? "Lights are missing!!" That's right, he didn't ship the matching lights. Either way, we enjoy putting this up together every year.

We have special foods to eat and each food carries a meaning and importance:

Chirashi sushi (open, loose sushi):  

  • shrimp for longevity
  • lotus root for clear visibility for the future
  • beans for health

Hihi Mochi (diamond shape mochi):Each color carries a special meaning:

  • green for new leaves, new life, health
  • white for snow, purity
  • pink for blossoms especially peach, which is believed to have power of keep evil away

Hamaguri no Osuimono (clam soup): Since a pair of clam shell can only be matched perfectly to each other, it symbolizes a wish for finding a perfect partner.

Our most favorite is hishi mochi (diamond rice cake).  I make several batches every year to share with friends.  This year, Girl’s Day happened to be on the day of the monthly outdoor nature program my daughter attends.  In the rainy county park where the color of greenery is saturated by rain drops, children made fire and cooked stone soup for lunch.  

I heard that as my daughter explained the tradition and the meaning of the three colored hishi mochi, the instructor shared the story with the group and encouraged each student to think of women in their lives that they are thankful for.  I heard it turned into a beautiful gratitude sharing circle while enjoying the treat.

How beautiful it is to combine the cultures to embrace and cherish the love around us. I am very humbled and grateful for the opportunity to share and appreciate each other on our Girl's Day.  It is very suited for the celebration. 









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