Summer's Awakening  夏の気づき

Summer's Awakening 夏の気づき

I had an opportunity to travel to Europe and Japan this summer.  Many things I learned but one thing I feel strongly now after coming back from Japan is “I am so loved”.

After a few month, my friend called me so I turned around. アメリカに帰ってきて友達が不意にとってくれたポラロイド。

After a few month, my friend called me so I turned around. アメリカに帰ってきて友達が不意にとってくれたポラロイド。

For me, the visit to Japan was the first time in 4 years (8 years for my family), my first summer after 20 years (first time for them).   Our first priority was to spend time with family and relatives except one day each in Osaka and Tokyo I reserved for my friends.  Because the time was so limited, I felt terrible that I had to decline a few meetings after I reached out to them, but I hope I can see them next time.

And with those I was able to see and meet, I was so surprised and stunned how much I was welcomed by them.  They prepared the day so I could enjoy to the fullest, and did everything they could to please me.

I never had confidence.  I always thought it’s not the case. I always underestimate myself. I thought I never deserve it.

But everyone I met, from my relatives to long time friends of 20/30 years, from people I’ve met first time, planned or unplanned, they all really welcomed me.

Then I came back home. My usual friends welcomed me with full expression of joy saying, “Welcome home! So glad you are back!”

Receiving was always so hard for me, but now I know it’s ok to receive because I am so loved. I will start a walk a little differently for the remaining 3 months of this year.








The Eternal Zero 永遠の0

The Eternal Zero 永遠の0

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