Kanji Sentence Exercise  漢字の例文

Kanji Sentence Exercise 漢字の例文

My favorite kanji character study book for Japanese children is this one.


This series explains well with great usage examples, includes my favorite “origins” with pictures and stroke orders with rhymes. 

When my daughter was about 3rd grade, she used to pick one kanji every few days to learn and make a sentence using that kanji she just learned.

The sentence she created with “口”ーmouth.
“My mother has many mouths”.

OK, so I talk too much? Yes, pretty accurate.

So interesting how a chid perceives her parents.

This memo is kept in my treasure box now.   


私の気に入っている学年別子供漢字辞典はこちら ↑。今月に改訂版が出るみたい。




「まま いっぱい口あります」

しゃべりってことですね。(笑) はい、大正解。しゃべり出したら止まりません。



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