January Japanese Class at Preschool 幼稚園で日本語クラス

January Japanese Class at Preschool 幼稚園で日本語クラス


I am thankful to continue to visit the Little Sprouts preschool into the new year. The winter break and MLK holiday pushed the visit to the later month, but that didn’t stop us from having fun singing and dancing together and learning about the Japanese New Year and Zodiac. 

We tried new songs and I was very impressed that children got it instantly. They always amazes me. 

After the class we played outside in their garden with chickens and snails. They built snail world with twigs and sticks and they even found pretty flowers and leaves for me to take home. Thank you for having me. I can’t wait for the next time. 





Kanji Sentence Exercise  漢字の例文

Kanji Sentence Exercise 漢字の例文

The Hiragana Game 背中に文字を書くゲームをした結果

The Hiragana Game 背中に文字を書くゲームをした結果