Otsukimi/ Moon Viewing  十五夜

Otsukimi/ Moon Viewing 十五夜


Last night was “Otsukimi”- the moon viewing festival to pray for the fruitful harvest. What do you see in the moon?  We see a rabbit pounding rice cakes.

Moon Viewing usually falls on the first full moon after the Autumn Equinox (this year is 10/6), I marked the special day on my schedule book with confidence.  I will make “Tsukimi Dango” (Japanese dumplings) and ready to share with my dojo friends.


Then, in the morning I started to see many FB posts from friends in Japan getting ready for the special night: putting out decorations and preparing special foods.

It turns out this year’s festival falls on two days before the actual full moon due to the counting from the traditional Japanese calendar.  

No time to make the dumplings tonight.  

At least, I went ahead and got all the rice powders and sweet beans for tomorrow afternoon, and I took out the the Moon Viewing tapestry.

The moon was bright after the training.  I enjoyed it appear and disappear through the trees as I drove through the highway over the mountain.






Moon Dumplings  月見団子

Moon Dumplings 月見団子

Restart 再スタート

Restart 再スタート