Nojo Ramen in SF  SFで塚田農場ラーメン食す

Nojo Ramen in SF SFで塚田農場ラーメン食す

One of the attractive aspects of living in CA is finding franchise of Japanese restraints and stores.  Those make me experience a little sense of home without actually going home.

I found this ramen shop right next to SF Jazz last time we were here.  So I requested to eat at this place before the concert this time.

Nojo” —“the farm” in Japanese —is a chain ramen shop called “Tsukada Nōjō.”  Their speciality is chicken base broth reasonably priced topping of chicken thigh due to having their own chicken farm. 

Their signature bowl is with grilled chicken leg with very savory broth (Chicken Paitan Soy Sauce).  If you like lighter taste, they have light chicken broth with yuzu citrus with fluffy chicken balls (Chicken Paitan).  Both were delicious in their own way.  Next time, I want to try their salad and Chicken Paitan Tomato.

I am glad I tried  cucumber with yuzu miso and pork wrapped rice ball, too. 

It’s always good to see a japanese restaurant doing well in the U.S.  By the time we were done, a crowd of at least 50 people were waiting inside and out.  I can’t wait for the next time.










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