NOLA in SF  ニューオーリンズをサンフランシスコで

NOLA in SF ニューオーリンズをサンフランシスコで


New Orleans — the birthplace of jazz.  We visited there 6 years ago, and one of the memorable place was the Preservation Hall.  In a very intimate space that hasn’t changed for over 50 years, the vibe and the energy created carry on in my heart and still give me a rhythm.

So, when we heard that the Preservation Hall Jazz Band was to perform in SF Jazz, we were quick to act.

It was the first time to go to SF Jazz Center, located in the Fine Arts district where the Symphony Hall and SF Ballet are also just around the corner.  Many casual, easy grab &go restaurants are located nearby for snacks before the shows.  An important point in SF—ample street parking and garages are in the area, too.

Our seating was upstairs equipped with turning chairs that allowed me to move freely enough with music while seated.  I loved that.  The half of the 1st floor was a dance floor.  At one point, the trombonist walked around there as he played.  So much fun.

I learned that one of the saxophonist with a handsome black leather jacket with a cool groove was 85 year old!!  It totally blew me away.  Surely, the limit of the age is what I set myself for.

Within the framework of each tune, the music notes dance around as back and forth conversations.  Each player respects each other, enjoys one-night only ad-lib on stage, in the spirit of “Ichigo-Ichie”.  The power of music unifies and fills gaps between time, race and generation and move us upwards in a serial energy.   Feeling musical notes spark in the air played by seasoned musicians, I was very touched and moved by all of it happening in front of me.


プリザベーションホールには6年前に一度訪れたことがあり、昔ながらの小さな一部屋で行われる毎晩のコンサートは立見しても人が通れない程超満員。そんなことを思い出しながらのニューオーリンズ イン サンフランシスコ!!







Please enjoy one of the songs they played for us with the same band member.  (This is a post by Seattle Radio station KEXP on YouTube recorded 2017).



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