The Day My Dream Came True 夢が叶った日

The Day My Dream Came True 夢が叶った日

My dream—to teach Japanese calligraphy—came true this week.


For the most students, it was their first calligraphy experience. I briefly explained the history and tools, and they practiced with magic calligraphy sheets using water as ink.


At the end, they finished with these wonderful artworks using the real sumi ink. I handmade the seals, 2 styles of “bu” (武), the first character of their school organization. When the class was done, I was very proud of my students for their focus, their enthusiasm, their artistic ability to finish with such heartful artworks.

However, my heart was unexpectedly not at peace by the time I got home.

Should I have said this way, or done that way? Should I have explained more? Or less? Did I do too much? Or too little? Did I deliver what I wanted to say correctly?

I heard the countless criticisms from my own heart.


Of course, I prepared for this day 120%. I have no regrets. I take in what the founder of my calligraphy school in Japan chose as one of his mission statement: “teaching as a part of learning.”

Now I started my new journey. I look back this day with calmed mind and learn from it for the next class.

Thank you so much, everyone. I look forward to the next month!








Just long enough for a bun お団子ができる長さに

Just long enough for a bun お団子ができる長さに

Fall Japanese Class Started 秋の日本語クラスが始まりました。

Fall Japanese Class Started 秋の日本語クラスが始まりました。