December Calligraphy Class 12月の書のクラス

December Calligraphy Class 12月の書のクラス


Sending Christmas cards is a custom here in the States. In Japan, we have New Year greeting cards.  I wanted my students to experience this tradition, so our December Japanese classes were spent to learn about greetings and traditions of the New Year.

In our December Calligraphy class, I asked students to write 3 Japanese paper post cards of zodiac kanji character “亥”.  


It’s every time, but I am so amazed and delighted by the wonderful works of my students!

The reason for the 3 cards—

The first one to keep it for yourself. You can put it up in your room to enjoy.

The second one to send it to your classmate. We picked mailing addresses at the end of class for a secret Santa messenger.

 The third one to send it to Japan to Sōke Hatsumi in Chiba, Japan, who is also a calligraphy master. I thought he would be so happy and surprised to receive New Year greeting cards from his students in America written with a brush.

Of course, to make it easier, U.S. and international postage stamps were provided in class.


I hope they had fun sending and receiving the first traditional New Year greeting cards!









New Year Calligraphy in Kids Class 子供クラスの書き初め

New Year Calligraphy in Kids Class 子供クラスの書き初め

Happy New Year!  謹賀新年

Happy New Year! 謹賀新年