Textbooks from the Library 図書館で見つけた掘り出し物

Textbooks from the Library 図書館で見つけた掘り出し物

In my Japanese class, luckily the dojo owner entrusts me with the contents of the class and I structure it using my judgement and bias, based on students interests and speed of progress. 

Of course, I am not teaching at random— I research and compare text books I have with me, I extract the contents, adjust and re-structure, and I make my own handouts. 

On this particular day, I found 5 used text books at the local library.

Among the donations given to libraries, some books, which are in good condition and decided not to put on their catalogue, are sold for $1 or $2 as “friends of the Library” to fund. What is available to purchase is entirely depended on the luck and availability.

These “Japanese for Busy People” makes me feel especially happy as I used to use them when I was teaching Business Japanese for 4 years at Japan-America Society of Georgia in Atlanta 20 years ago. They are still popular one on the market, but I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic to have them in my hand once again (acquiring very cheaply was definitely a plus!) 

As I examine these aged books, I saw the traces of hard work studying the language by the previous owner and it was obvious that the books we well cared for to keep them neat.

I promised myself to inherit the same spirit to pass the knowledge onto the next.

My students!! Let’s to this!!






テキストの中でもJapanese for Busy Peopleは20年前アトランタの日米協会でビジネス日本語を4年間教えていた時に使っていた懐かしの教科書。今でもまだよく使われていますが、また巡り合えて嬉しい(しかもお得に)。



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