My First Ninja Summer Camp 初めての夏の忍者キャンプ

My First Ninja Summer Camp 初めての夏の忍者キャンプ

I feel like I haven’t really recollected the trip to Japan but the school has started and a week has passed since the ninja summer camp. 

Today’s story is about last year's the ninja camp.

It was our first ninja summer camp last year.  In the spring, I asked the owner of the dojo if I could have origami and calligraphy time during the camp. They were excited, and included me in their rotation activities.

From pre-schoolers to college students and adults, I had them experience calligraphy in 20-30 minutes.  They came to me just after the ninjas ran through the forest.  I briefly explained the meaning of a character, stroke order, and how to use brush and ink.  Then, 


No one spoke a word once they held their brush without me saying anything about focus.  Only bird and insects echoed and filled the space.  This happened to all groups.

I saw what calligraphy can do that day. 
One of the mission statement of the calligraphy school I belong to in Japan is: “Through calligraphy, we seek the heart of truth, virtue, and beauty and contribute to the world peace.”

“This is it. This is what is happening right here, right now. This is why I teach calligraphy.”  My heart trembled and I remember calling my master on the way home.  The experience of that day still gives me purpose and passion to spread the greatness of this art.  And I am so grateful to have experienced it with everyone in Ninjas-in-Nature program.

I heard later that everyone enjoyed my station, and I had an opportunity to be a part of it again this year.  

To be continued…










Outdoor Calligraphy 野外の書道教室

Outdoor Calligraphy 野外の書道教室

Summer Ninja Camp 夏の忍者キャンプ

Summer Ninja Camp 夏の忍者キャンプ