Outdoor Calligraphy 野外の書道教室

Outdoor Calligraphy 野外の書道教室

I’ve been having a great time helping Ninja summer camp with Ninjas in Nature since last year.  This is the camp where children can be children, with discoveries and surprises. I’ve been hosting origami and calligraphy stations as one of their activities.

Day one was origami, and we made ninja stars. The tricky part was when we piece the two parts together. They were very proud and I was, too.

Day two was calligraphy. Since they are all ninjas, we practiced a character 「忍」。 The younger group worked on 「刀」。Not only the character itself, but I emphasis on the origins of each character, so we learned each of 「刀」→「刃」→「忍 」. We briefly went over things like how to hold the brush, how to practice, how to write the characters.  

Day three—another day of calligraphy. The character for the day was「火」—“fire”, which was one of the theme for the camp. This only has 4 strokes, but having a good balance is not an easy task. Though knowing the routine at the station, children came with the perfect curious mind, ready to tackle. They remembered how to hold the brush and how to use the ink.  For challengers, I also prepared the character「炎」ー”flame”.

In the wild, unexpected is expected.  The wind was a little strong on the third day and papers flew away and the inks turned over. I was glad that each ink were divided into small amounts.  We picked up branches and stones to hold them down.  These arrangement added extra creativity because we were out in the nature.

The given were 4 papers—2 each for practice drawing paper and artwork rice paper. The seal was placed to tell that the work is done.

With their amazing concentration, observation and assertive determination, every final work came out perfectly.

As I look at the works of children’ writing streaming in the wind, my heart was overwhelmed with joy and I was so humbled and proud of them.

“Thank you.” “I want to do it again.” “So sad this is over.” were what I got from children after the workshop. I felt exactly the same and returned the same feeling to them.  

I am looking forward to the next year summer camp.  At the same time, I am having fun for my new monthly calligraphy class at dojō.









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