April  Exam Result 4月の検定結果

April Exam Result 4月の検定結果

My spring calligraphy exam result came in mail over the summer.  
I progressed to ni-dan (second degree).  My immediate goal to reach san-dan (3rd degree)seems little bit more attainable.

With many weeks used in transit via mail between Japan, East Coast and West Coast, for me the exam is usually the battle with time. 

I really wish my master could pick which one to send to Japan, but it’s not possible.  I just believe in my heart and send it in.

But why is it that I’ve been progressing almost every exam lately when it took me a few years each to progress to 2nd and 1st kyū?

 “Because they can see how determined you are now.” my master says.
Yes, I am determined that this is what I want to do. 





Bon Dance at Dojō 盆踊りを道場で

Bon Dance at Dojō 盆踊りを道場で

Outdoor Calligraphy 野外の書道教室

Outdoor Calligraphy 野外の書道教室