Sakura Craft with Children 子供達と桜クラフト

Sakura Craft with Children 子供達と桜クラフト


In Japan, April is the season for cherry blossom. For a several weeks into April, we focused on our traditions and festivals on cherry blossoms. We practiced how to rate “Sa-ku-ra さくら” —Cherry Blossom in Hiagana. I shared many beautiful pictures from Kashihara city in Nara prefecture where the grandmaster of our current grandmaster used to reside. Introducing the mountain scenery painted with pink Takamatsu sensei may have observed in the spring was very meaningful to me, too. I hope the students also gained deeper connections to their grandmaster’s master through those sceneries.


In kids’ class, we used cherry blossom paper punches to create art works. My student in middle school was looking up how the branches connected to the flowers and trees. Everyone was having fun and super focused. Using cute masking tapes also raised our energy!

I love craft times with children. So much fun always! Thank you, all!






April Japanese Class at Preschool 4月の幼稚園日本語クラス

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