April Japanese Class at Preschool 4月の幼稚園日本語クラス

In April class, we learned numbers from 1 to 5 and about Japanese cherry blossom as well as our favorite books and songs. I love how everyone participates and and so excited for our lesson.


As much as the children love my lesson, I think they look forward to it as much to be chased by Ms. Megumi! Running is not my usual activity, so chasing 12 children by myself is a huge task I enjoy so much! Feeding chicken is the highlight of the day before lunch for these children, too.


I visited on a very sunny day. But as you can see by the how much grass has grown to almost hide the children, the raining has been plenty.

They eat lunch outside when the weather is good. What a rich childhood experiences they are taking a part in.


The little sprouts picked flowers and grass from the garden and field to give me as gifts. I couldn’t hold the joy of being alive down because of by their overflowing love and cuteness they present for me.

Thank you so much for having me. My heart is full.









April Calligraphy Class 4月の書のクラス

April Calligraphy Class 4月の書のクラス

Sakura Craft with Children 子供達と桜クラフト

Sakura Craft with Children 子供達と桜クラフト