Observing the First Calligraphy Scout Caravan 書道のはなみち、スカウトキャラバンを視聴して

Observing the First Calligraphy Scout Caravan 書道のはなみち、スカウトキャラバンを視聴して

The memorable first time Scout Caravan hosted by Takamiya Hanako of Shodo no Hanamichi took place on August 23rd.  This is a live event which nine calligraphers who passed the paper screening perform the 3 unannounced calligraphy timed assignments on the spot.  After judges and audiences vote, the top three get a privilege to be a member of Hanamichi Production, where they will have opportunities to work with various media such as TV and movies.


I reserved an audience seat through Zoom, which came with 4 voting points. 

When this event was announced, I was so excited and wanted to join.  Though with the time difference, it would take place on Thursday night in California. I kept telling myself “it would be on week day at night, on the first day of school, right around the dinner time. Not possible to attend”.  But my daughter is in middle school. We could manage early dinner and making her responsible for school work and bedtime. And I really wanted my daughter to have a peek on this event. I registered myself right away after my mind was made up.

The day has come. I was ready fifteen minutes before the scheduled time. Dinner has been already served and my tummy was full. My heart danced to see my beloved friend Hanako live on the screen.


What surprised was the positioning of the video screen! The screen was on the same table with the calligraphers—I could see and observe the breath and the beat, the tension and the nervousness, the detailed strokes and movements. The person who was sitting right by the screen must have felt my locked stare projected big on full screen.

I carried great responsibility for those 4 points. I took extensive notes on each of their dreams and missions, my feedback on their assignments, and anything I observed noteworthy. Once done with all nine, I sent a secret message to Hanako instructing to whom my votes go.


Congratulations to all the participants for your hard work under high pressure and your future path as a calligrapher.  I am already thrilled for the hearts you will touch with your work. It was honor to witness your performance and listen to your dreams. And special congratulations for the selected top three!!

I found great pleasure to share the moment with everyone who was there at the event. It is amazing what the technology can do for us.  I was also happy to see some familiar faces from Hanako’s salon, and her circle of friends.


There was one more person who was observing with me through video, and I am glad that we are now connected to share the same passion under Hanako.

I learned many things from this event:

  • to hear the dreams and the missions of each participating calligraphers 

  • to see different styles and characters of each calligrapher

  • how to organize and hold a calligraphy event

  • the future and possibility of of calligraphy

I would like to discuss each of them in detail next time. Thank you so much, Hanako sensei and Team Hanamichi!!












  • 書道家さん達の熱い夢や想いに触れられたこと

  • 書道家さん達のそれぞれの個性、スタイルを見れたこと

  • 書道イベントの催し方、盛り上げ方

  • 求められている書道

  • 書道の可能性


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