Possibilities of Calligraphy ~And into the future 書道の可能性〜そしてこれから〜

Possibilities of Calligraphy ~And into the future 書道の可能性〜そしてこれから〜

I’ve written about the Scout Caravan held by Shodo no Hanamichi. Today I will write about the final thought.

One of the assignments was to create an artwork in a time limit. With nine participants, nine totally different artworks were produced. Each were shining bright with overflowing personal stories. 

It’s not just making look outside beautiful. Of course, we need to be able to write beautifully. But more than that, we, as a calligrapher,  pour our heart and soul onto the paper, lock it on using line and spaces, to converse with the audience seen and unseen, passing through time and space. And as we write, we’ve already enjoyed the conversation before they actually happened. This is the scale we calligrapher take on. And that is why, our artwork carry every detail of our attitude in daily life. It’s not about writing well or beautiful, like calligraphy examples that teacher give out to students for practice. Art work can’t be faked with techniques.


This, my master has said to me many many times. And this very thing is happening right on the other side of the screen. Each participant’s truthful heart showed and touched mine. “This is how it should be and how it starts. With this heart, love through calligraphy will spread and possibilities endless.” I was very encouraged and empowered by their passion. 

As I close the feedback of this event, I would like to mention two things that I paid attention in order to decide who to vote: posture and facial expression.

This event took place in order to select calligraphy talents for Hanamichi production to take on jobs in media. On top of what the person can serve in the field through calligraphy, I thought it would bring a positive impression with good posture. Also, being able perform under pressure with pleasant facial expression, emitting positive energy and showing their joy of creating.

Though I myself have no such experience yet to work in the media and it may not be the case at all. I am using my imagination to the fullest and focused on  the posture and the facial expression—two points anyone can understand regardless of background in art.

Now it’s my turn to film myself to check on those things!

It was a great day to be able to see their heart through calligraphy. Thank you for the moving moments and learning opportunities. I look forward to the next time in Osaka!












It’s the passion after all  インスタセミナー結局は情熱なんだ

It’s the passion after all インスタセミナー結局は情熱なんだ

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