Shrinken Throwing   手裏剣クラス

Shrinken Throwing 手裏剣クラス

Shuriken is the well-known Japanese weapon.  “Ninja Stars” are one of the popular projects in my origami classes.  I too grew up making them with papers, but it was my first time actually learning to throw real ones.


The shuriken class was offered before the rank promotion ceremony at the dojo, so I took this opportunity to learn about them.

Different kinds of shuriken were presented to practice: round, pointy, long, short, light and heavy.  We also practiced many different throws: over and underhand, side ways, near and far, jumping and stationary.



I haven’t thrown even a basket ball for a long time, so my arm and shoulder got tired very quickly.  Though when the shrunken struck the target in a correct way, an angle pointing upwards, it’s very refreshing.

Practicing throwing, just throwing and throwing, concentrating my tanden & hara (the center of my body in my stomach), with empty mind is so much like practicing calligraphy with my brush.

My next project will be to make shriken and targets!







Rank Promotion Exam 書の検定

Rank Promotion Exam 書の検定

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