Are you using magic? 先生はマジック使っているの?

Are you using magic? 先生はマジック使っているの?

In my kids Japanese class last week, a student asked me, “Do you really know Japanese or are you actually using magic?”

It was so cute I was almost blown away, but both are true. I do use magic, too. *wink*


In general, the usual agenda of this class goes like this:

meditation→songs→book reading→today’s lesson→practice writing with Pokemon characters→meditation

But that day, a student who loves Pokomen really wanted to practice writing first and suggested if we can do agenda backwards.

Yes, of course! No problem! The students even gave me a permission to speak normally (without speaking backwards). Thank you for your consideration!

Then, I thought, the reason I could just reverse the order of activities without any confusion is because there is a routine already established. This class was soft-started in May and continued onto September, I am very grateful for my students who show up every week to spend time with me.  Let’s keep on and have fun! 








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